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Scribble Sessions Sneak Peak

EDIT: Sneak peak is available no longer, sorry. But the good news is, Sydney is out of lockdown!

Sometimes, the hardest thing about creative writing is getting started.

A little over a year ago (in the first lockdown), I had an idea for a writing warm up that would help remove the fear of what to write and get time- or inspiration-poor writers into a creative headspace. A quick session of around 15 minutes, structured so that you'll easily have a paragraph written by the end, with the option to keep going with that prompt or to move onto something else with synapses already firing. Oh, and I was going to make a Facebook group for people to share their writing and everything.

I recorded five episodes of the Scribble Sessions podcast in order to test the idea... and concluded that audio wasn't the right (write?) medium. And put the project on ice.

But the COVID situation around Australia, especially in Sydney, is getting worse and worse. Exactly the circumstances that brought about Scribble Sessions in the first place.

So here's a little present from me to you: the full first episode.

It's not perfect, but that's almost the point. At its heart, Scribble Sessions is about getting an idea from your head onto paper without judgement or self-censorship.

Make sure you have a pen and paper with you before you click play. I'll leave the episode up for as long as Sydney is in lockdown.